Paradisi Cookbook

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PARADISI NEIGHBORHOOD COOKBOOK – Ricette, storie e altro ancora dalla cucina tradizionale di un quartiere della provincia italiana

The Terni-Paradisi neighborhood Cookbook  is a research project that captures both the perceived essence of the iconic Italian kitchen and the soul of the Umbria region way of life: a self-reliant, rich life in the slow lane. Through recipes, stories and archive like visuals, it tells the story of several generations of locals from the Terni-Paradisi neighborhood, birth place of the cucina povera, while featuring fresh-from-the-farm cooking that imbues the cuisine of the post-truth present with the best of the simple and nostalgic past.

Join us for a series of culinary demonstrations to learn about the tips and tricks of original city family recipes evoking memories and conveying all the homeyness of the Italian spirit living in the Terni-Paradisi neighborhood, one of Italy’s best keep culinary secrets!

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