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The protocol


Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the “Affinity“ food performance, an event dedicated to the theme of affinity, friends and gardening.
This evening we are going to invite you to observe an edible garden that does not exist outside tonight and an inedible garden that exists mostly outside tonight.
For the edible garden you are invited to look around in silence, using the gaze to complete a tour of the tables. You are invited to do this individually and in silence.
Every menu is a garden.
The plants are lined up on working tables. They are labelled giving you some indication of the taste or content. Some of the foods are obvious, some not so much. Tonight you will have to find affinities and make up your own menu. Our minds and hearts are always interpreting signs and making associations based on affinities that are hidden or more obvious.
As you look around try to sense and to describe to yourself, in your own language what the menu could be for you. This can be done in a poetic way or in a direct technical way, its up to you.
In life, just like in the garden, a signature is placed on all things and beings to indicate their affinity. But it is sometimes the affinity is hidden. Things and people reveal themselves when we engage in relation with them.
During this evening you are also invited to visit the kitchen to complete your dinner with a healthy serving of our community garden. The community garden is the real muse and the theme of this event. To familiarise yourself with the garden, our relationship with it and how you might find a personal interest to participate in the life of this open garden, we have prepared a “menu“ that is displayed for your viewing pleasure in the kitchen.
The edible garden is also based on ingredients that come from the community garden that we tried to save for this event trough conservation. Other ingredients come from recuperated food. And some ingredients we simply bought. It is also for this reason that we would like to remind you to make a free donation to support organising this type of events and our community garden. Donations can be made in the kitchen in the donation box.
And now we invite you to harvest your dinner and consult our garden menu!

December 2016

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