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“Semences” is a performance art piece proposing to plant an art object composed of porcelain pieces, in a collaborative process involving the public. The installation, composed of white porcelain pieces (cups, plates, mugs, serving plates, etc.), hand-painted, brings together theoretical and narrative texts on nutrition aan artistic environment as well as the drawing of a seed. After the pieces were exposed to the Schreiber House during the Comfort Food Continuum project, they were covered by the earth in a location outside of Baia Mare, to be returned or “harvested” in the second part of this project, to be held in 2021.

The central theme of the performance is hope: seeds as a symbol of birth and, more importantly, of rebirth, as well as a performance protocol according to which throughout the performance the participating audience is asked to communicate using statements beginning with the verb “to wish” , expressed affirmatively and at the present time.

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