Using the memory as a database. No internet. Your own memory, the memory of others. What does it mean “we have good food“? What does it mean “we were hungry“? What does it mean “to be solidar“?AlimenTara is a piece about the geopolitics of hunger in Romania under the last 10 years of communism, my first 10 years of life: 1980 -1990. I find it is a good exercise to try and understand how we function and dysfunction in our socio-political relationship with food, by zooming in on a historic decade from a quarter of a century ago. Economic austerity plans, problems that initially come under the form of solutions, humour and coping-creative gastronomy, hunger strikes of the hungry, etc. All these are very much also the themes of today, of the 2014/2015, where the socio-economic situation is heavier, with more severe long term consequences and where there are no borders beyond which you can dream of escaping. WHAT TO DO NOW?

In the context of concluding a research project within the program of a.pass, I will be presenting “AlimenTara“ on Friday the 23rd and Saturday the 24th of January, starting at 20.30, at Sign6 – Rue de Fierlant 99, Brussels (tram 97 the stop Berthelot or tram 32, 82 or 97 – stop Wiels).

This performance is part of the collective showing TARA: a.pass End Presentations Showcase Damla Ekin Tokel, Hans Van Wambeke, Rareş Craiut, Stef Meul. For more information please visit here the event facebook page


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